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The Scoop on The Dreamland Company Founders

It was all a dream…

No, but really, it was. Until Lynn Sasso and Melissa Wexler turned it into a reality.

Two moms saw a huge gap in the women’s sleepwear market and sprung into action. I mean, let’s be real…there are basically two ends of the sleepwear spectrum – sexy lingerie a newlywed might pack in their trousseau, and the floor-to-ceiling style nightgowns pouring out of your nana’s closet.

After baby number two, Lynn was beyond exhausted caring for a newborn daughter and a wild two year old son. At the end of those newborn baby days that seem to last an eternity, she slipped into bedtime attire and simply felt “blah.” Nothing was flattering. Nothing felt special. The emotional toll of fertility-related health challenges prior to having two beautiful children still weighed on her heart and added to the lackluster feeling as she got into bed in old t-shirts or poor quality, ill fitting generic sleepshirts each night.

Determined to find something with a bit more style, Lynn would pick things up during her daily travels and one day happened upon a super cute sleepshirt at a discount retailer. There was literally one… and all of the scouring and online searching fell flat in producing another. It was a bummer because whenever she wore it, she felt no frump whatsoever and it became her go-to. It was the perfect sleepshirt for a new mom, offering both comfort and style. Her husband loved it. Her girlfriends wanted it. And that’s when the light bulb went off.

Lynn was no stranger to starting a homegrown successful business. She and her husband both exited successful careers as attorneys and opened what is one of the most successful carwashes in the United States. The success is based on their drive and commitment (read: Lynn would work a 6-day week at her law firm and literally wash cars on the weekend to help build the business). Law degree and business savvy aside, Lynn needed a partner with strong retail chops.

Enter Melissa.

Lynn and Melissa met as many moms do – in the thick of their kids’ preschool scene. Aside from the common ground of having daughters the same age, as they got to know each other, more began to surface and lay the foundation for a partnership they didn’t even realize was already taking form.

In her previous life, Melissa actually owned her own clothing line that was present in hundreds of stores along the West coast (BJOY) and had a ton of relevant retail experience. As she and Lynn delved into their relationship, they started to discuss the lack of stylish and flattering sleepwear for women like them. Just like Lynn, Melissa also faced her own health struggles. When her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Melissa had herself tested for the BRCA gene and it came back positive. This prompted her to have an elective, preventative double mastectomy. All the time she spent in the hospital, she wished she could ditch that dreary hospital gown and have something that would serve a functional purpose and be easy to get on and off. She also craved something that would make her feel feminine and comfortable. When Lynn mentioned her idea of bringing something to market that fit the bill, Melissa was all in and had ideas of her own!

Lynn and Melissa are two motherhustlers with solid career paths behind them. With a deep appreciation for their health, families and friends, they wanted to build a brand real  women (of all ages, shapes and sizes) would relate to. That’s when The Dreamland Company was born! It rose not only from their shared passion to live life to the fullest, but also to feed their entrepreneurial spirit to fill a very real need in the women’s sleepwear market.

And let’s be honest, nobody mobilizes like mamas with an idea they believe in. Their tireless collaboration (and ability to surround themselves with a team of other rockstar women) resulted in conceptualizing and executing the perfect sleepshirt – THE DREAMSHIRT- one that is flattering, feminine and oozing cuteness.

This dynamic duo approached every step of the process with the same humor, spirit and commitment they have exhibited throughout their personal and professional lives. But the secret sauce? They are both as real as you can get. No phony facades. No pretentious attitudes. Just two real chicks that wanted cute sleepwear. Period.

Lightning Round:

Here’s a fun cheat sheet on Lynn and Melissa…

They’re both fighters who strongly believe in the contagiousness of positive outlooks and good vibes.

In facing challenge they share the mantra – Fight, don’t fall apart.

Fearlessness runs through their veins.

Both women buy into trusting your gut. If there’s something inside you telling you to act…DO IT!

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Watching other local women, like Jennifer Haley and Jennifer Zeuner kill it in their respective industries, lit a major inspirational fire under both of them.